Meditation can be so darn hard…..people tell me all the time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOkay, so for years you’ve heard people say, “Meditate; it’ll heal you; make you healthier, happier and a better person!” Your so busy, there’s hardly time to go to the bathroom and what you really want to do when you get home is watch a movie, some sports, news or whatever. Sitting and meditating just doesn’t ‘cut it!’

So why not do mini meditations, count your footsteps while you are walking to the bathroom, notice how your food feels as it goes down, or your drink…..just bring consciousness to anything is meditation. After doing it for awhile you’ll often find that you feel a little calmer, happier. Try it for a week .

Osho suggested in the beginning that we only do active meditations, because of our running mind. Meditation can be anything, washing a dish, eating an apple, walking into a store. Anything that we do can be a meditation when we bring consciousness to it.

When you are having a shower, feel the water, appreciate it, smell it and let your body feel every drop. Our senses are a sure fire way into deeper meditation. Our body is the a space suit that we have created for this journey. When we are completely in it, even for a moment,  we are linked to our source, our oneness. In fact just focusing on feeling the energy or tingling in our fingers, lips, mouth and feet can bring us into a state of meditation.

Often I find that a hundred moments of meditation like being present when we walk and engaging all of our senses, can deepen our connection even more than trying to sit in meditation. Each time we take a moment, we discover a deepening of our connection to our oneness/source. Then after awhile we can access this place at will and stay as long as we want, without a fighting mind that keeps pulling us out.


It becomes a dance with our energy of life and the body that houses it.

The ‘benefits of meditation’ are huge. All of us whether we know it or not are searching for inner peace, love or a connection to something that makes us feel alive and fulfilled. Meditation can help us to do this. We connect to our source, our inner oneness our god-ness.  Meditation helps us to still our mind, even if its just for a little second. When this happens the busy-ness in our mind stops and we have clear access to who we truly are. Normally there is a lot of clutter in our mind, we are constantly thinking about – mostly negative things. This is normal, because of our fight and flight response. When we take the moments of meditation,  we can soar into the exquisiteness of who we are. Just try it….and give it time.!!!

We’ll soon have a Meditation course here as well as our Meditation App to be released winter 2015.

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Osho was a powerful meditation teacher. He suggested that for the Western mind it’s easier to start with activity, like dancing or walking, and then move into sitting or lying down.

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