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Soul Energy Mapping ….tuning your life

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Soul Energy Mapping enables us to explore the river of energy that our Soul continually flows ┬áto manifest our life. Discover how to ‘tune’ this as you’d tune an instrument and discover how to create the life you want.

Product Description

Soul Energy Mapping gives us a chance to not only look at where we are, but also where we are headed. ┬áThere is a river of energy that creates our life and everything in it. Before we were born we created this river and as we go along we have the power to change it. These sessions have changed people’s lives for the better. We will:

  1. What does my river of life hold?
  2. How can I change it?
  3. Discover why we are where we are
  4. Find out why our life so far happened as it did
  5. Explore what we want, our purpose and our true mission in life
  6. Discover techniques and tools to use which can give you the power to create the life you desire
  7. Remember how to connect with the oneness easily and effortlessly
  8. Find ways to discover what your gifts are and how to use them

Sessions are $150 and take a little over an hour, so allow an hour and a half. Read section on Fiona and Fiona’s story for info on her background.