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Past Life Tuning – finding and transforming energy patterns through our lives

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Past Lives tell us why we carry the emotional and physical patterns that we have. They also tell us  how to change that in the future.  Each life is like a pearl in a necklace in a river of patterns and energy which we are ‘tuning’. Let’s explore how this all works!

Product Description

All of our past lives are connected to our ‘tuning’. Nothing happens by chance. It’s all about our expanding our source. In the forest near Mt Shasta I did over 350 past life regressions on myself. What I found was that there are lines of energy that move through all lives. Energy that we’ve chosen to ‘tune’ through those lives we lived. I also found that we incarnate in family circles. Like a pebble dropping into the lake, some are very close and others in various circles of closeness.

In this session we’ll look at your lifetimes and see the patterns that you’ve been ‘tuning’, how and where you are in this process and where you’re going.

Sale price $150 for one session, $350 for 3.