Our Energetic Universe


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Everything we see or experience is energy. Our thoughts are energy and our emotions are energy. These are all a part of energy rivers that move around and in the planet and universe. All of these energy rivers are interconnected, nothing is independent, as science shows us in ‘The Butterfly Effect’.


fly flapping it’s wings in Rio can lead to a strong storm across the world in London. Our body’s energy systems, emotional system and our thoughts are also a part of these rivers and affect everything. In these classes we explore how these energy flows are created, how they flow, in us and in on our planet and in our universe. We also discover how to ‘tune’ them like a musical instrument. We will explore:

  1. The energy systems of the universe
  2. The energy systems of our planet
  3. The energy systems of our body/mind/emotions
  4. The Yin/Yang cycle of emergence of life
  5. The five cycles of change and re-birth
  6. Scalar energy
  7. How we can ‘tune’ these energies
  8. and much more
  9. Q and A
  10. Quiz
  11. This course includes  9 webinars, as well as 3 mp3′s.