Meditation for beginners

IMG_0135Meditation for beginners, is easier than you think! . Meditation can change how we see things, how we react or act in situations in our life and “meditation” can make it easier to find ease, joy and peace. If you have animals it’s easy. Take time to ┬ásit with them and stroke them, talk with them and enjoy just being with the. When they are loved and relaxed, they have an easiness and connection to the infinite. Stoking them and being with them can help us to access that space within us. We kind of slide into the place they are in so often. So, relax and sit with the animals that share your home and the’ll lead you balk to your place of lightness and ease. ┬áJust a little time each day will do it. You’ll find that they enjoy quiet time with you.

This place we go to when we do this is our place of enlightenment. Many people think we have to strive or quest to get here, but it’s always here under all of the stuff we are thinking and the emotions we are having…right here inside always!

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