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Healix Energy Healing Level 2

by Fiona Whitmore  Part of: Healix Energy Healing

In Healix Energy Healing Level 2, we dive deeper and explore how to access our natural ‘Energy Eyes’, so that we can perceive energy in all of it’s forms. We find that discovering how to open and close our psychic or intuitive senses, just takes practice and that we can re-balance all of our energies […]

Finding our Energy Eyes MP3

by Fiona Whitmore  Part of: Our Energetic Universe

Children, cats, actually all animals permanently have energy eyes. We on the other hand, lost ours when we started school and need guidance to remember how to open and use them again. Soft eyes are used extensively in horsemanship and in the theater. Once we can use our ‘energy eyes’ we can discover how energy […]