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Opening Our Intuitive Abilities and Becoming a Medium

by Fiona Whitmore 0 Lessons

  A medium can navigate through the matrix of energy waves. Like a radio tuner, they have the ability to change energy channels and ‘tune into’ people, places, situations, the dead, animals, relationships, past, present and sometimes future.  It’s a bit like picking a station and waiting while the announcer tells you the weather or […]

Animal and Plant Communication

by Fiona Whitmore 0 Lessons

Nature, which includes animals, is of the highest and most pure energy. Just being with any part of nature, even a little plant growing through the concrete, can bring us ‘Home’ to our joy and well-being when we are consciously present in and sometimes even when we aren’t. Nature is everything and everyone on the […]

Healix Qi Gong Levels 1-5

by Fiona Whitmore 0 Lessons

Qi Gong means “energy development” or “energy, practice and cultivation”. The chief aim of any qigong practice, is to re-establish balance, so that the body and mind can heal and develop your natural energy levels, making your energy, or chi, smoother. When this happens we find that we have more energy for what we want […]

Healix Energy Healing

by Fiona Whitmore 1 Lessons in

Healix Energy Healing is a certification course which allows you to become an Energy Healing practitioner.  Please see disclaimer. Levels 1-4 allows students to discover how to open or deepen their natural intuition, greater spiritual depth and develop internal power. This course expands upon and opens the gifts that everyone has naturally. Energy Healing depends […]


Energy Feng Shui Levels 1-5 and Certification

by Fiona Whitmore 0 Lessons in

All Feng Shui is about universal energy flows, but most schools of Feng Shui take years of study to really master.  Energy Feng Shui is simple and easy to use and it supports you in developing your ‘soft’ energy eyes of energy perception. Once you can perceive the ‘rivers of energy’ in a place you […]