Healix Institute

Fiona Whitmore established the Healix Institute (HI) to help individuals find the healer within and the inner vastness of who they are. Healix Institute is a personal and professional energy healing and esoteric wisdom school and has for almost twenty years been offering classes, workshops, mentoring, coaching and individual sessions in the Healing Arts, Personal Development and Energy Arts.  Each student is encouraged to explore the vast reality and power they have within themselves using ancient and new techniques, meditations, exercises and a variety of tools and teachings. Fiona opened the Healix Institute in 1996 to assist her students and clients to establish a greater connection to their oneness and, in some cases, to find new career choices. Fiona is the author of two books and produced the documentary “Women of the Earth”. She conducts workshops and classes in NY and CA, and has a large number of clients that she sees in person as well as on the phone and via Skype. She lives in Ojai, California with her husband, wonderful pets, gardens and she enjoys chatting with her daughter on Skype. 


 For more information I invite you to read Fiona’s page and the bio’s of our Healix Institute Teachers.