Fiona’s Story

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I was born in Northern South Africa and lived there for eight years with my three sisters and my parents.  We lived in an area surrounded by friends and family farms and it was just a five minute walk to our Uncles farm. Far from civilization we lived in an island of peace and stability, almost hidden from a country in crisis. Our farm had no running water or electricity and each night my father had to run water into a tank from a storage tank near the windmill.

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Then he’d build a fire under it and we’d take  turns getting into the same water, from the youngest to Daddy, who was always the last. He said it was because he was the dirtiest, but I think on most days my sister Heidi and I were much more dirty. This is how he was, always loving and thoughtful.

Daddy had been given the farm at 17 by his maternal uncle, because he’d said that he wanted to write and farm when he finished school. He was born nearby and was so much a part of this land and everything on it. When he was a child he played and hunted with local native children and learned their wisdom and how to truly ‘BE’ with the land and when we were out on the land with him, he’d teach us what he knew. I’m not sure how it began but at 17 he started to write for the London Times as a naturalist.  Around the same time he also became a political activist like his grandfather ‘Wordsworth Donisthorpe’  had been in England.Scan 19

Mamma loved  to do crafts, art and work with pewter. Once when I wanted to go to a Beatles concert, I drew a picture of a dress I wanted to wear and asked her if she could make it. That night the dress was on my bed ready for the concert.  She’d made it with curtains and other things she had around the house and it looked perfect. Her ability to do this always amazed me. She was funny, playful and loving but had a serious side as well. Along with being a homemaker she belonged to the radical anti-apartheid group ‘The Black Sash’ as did my two older sisters, Jasemin and Heather. This is a picture of my parents with me as a toddler.

Scan 1 copyThis is the view I saw and loved from our front yard on the farm. Sometimes I’d sit on the front stoop and see ostriches, herds of antelope and other wild animals sauntering, jumping or racing over the land. We always sat on the porch as night fell and my parents had a sherry or gin and tonic. Watching the animals at sunset move across the veldt to their sleeping places was my favorite pastime.  It made me feel joyful and so very quiet inside. On our farm there were acres of shiny watermelon and other crops stretching for miles and miles. Sometimes, if we felt like it, we’d help to harvest, always stopping to eat the juicy pink watermelon. Our parents rarely ever asked us to do anything and I don’t remember any rules either, but we often wanted to help anyway. This was a safe and loving place and I  lived in a constant state of joy, acceptance, well-being.  This is also where I learned so much about communication with nature, people and animals. See my course called  Animal and Plant Communication and Opening Our Intuitive Abilities.


Our parents decided to ‘home school’ their children, just as they had been. Every week lessons were exchanged by mail  from a school in England.  I found it difficult to concentrate on my studies. Maybe it was because of my health issues. [You see, I was born three months early.  Blue and dead in a tiny country hospital a nun packed me in hot water bottles to get my blood circulating again and fed me with an eye dropper until I was out of danger.] Maybe it was because of all of the chemicals used on the farm, all the immunizations or the smoke that was always present in the house but focus was difficult for me. I’d find it more fun to watch energy dance across the land or around people, hear and see other beings, communicate with nature and fairies, or listen to other people’s thoughts.  But doing my lessons seemed so uninteresting in comparison.  imagesThe Energy World seemed so much more important and fun. No one ever got angry with me. My family was kind and loving. My sisters were all so different and our parents encouraged our differences. Our little world was full of friends and we often played with our cousins and other children who lived on farms nearby.  This was our community. When I was eight my parents decided it was no longer safe to stay in South Africa and after a long ocean voyage we immigrated to Australia.

Scan 22After almost nine years of freedom to dance, to sing and to do only what I was moved to do I was sent to school. All schools at the time practiced the harsh discipline of hitting and beating and for a child who had hardly experienced a harsh word in all my eight years this was terrifying. Sitting behind a desk all day was numbing. I began  not to be able to feel ‘me’ anymore. My inability to focus varied, sometimes better, sometimes worse. Daddy helped me with my studies and spent hours coaching me, so that I could survive in school. During this time I began to loose my psychic abilities, but most importantly, I lost most of my access to the joy and well-being that had always been with me. I sank piece by piece, into a deep depression which lasted for about twenty years.

After graduating college (thanks to Daddy’s help again) my parents gave me an ‘around the world’ ticket and with a few thousand I had been given by my Godmother I traveled with my backpack for almost a year. Seeking answers and ways to find peace, joy and the ‘inner peaceful place’ I’d known as a child I explored the world.  I found many new friends and teachers, places I loved and glimpses of that “Africa’ feeling.  dreamstime_xs_22330547 (1)Above a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas. This searching continued throughout much of my life. I struggled to climb the Himalayas in India and Nepal to find a teacher and to meditate.  I journeyed to Hawaii to dance and learn Lomi Lomi and Feng Shui. I sat in the deserts of Australia with Aboriginal Elders and discovered once again the psychic pathways. I slipped into sweat lodges in the Native American tradition and found again the voice of our nurturing Earth. The western master Barry Long introduced me to Tantra and deconstructing the mind. This searching led me to Byron Katie and Abraham and to several other masters and techniques like Tapping, a powerful way to transform emotions. See our course Healix Emotional Freedom Technique. Slowly as my natural psychic abilities returned the depression began to lift.

I had always loved to sing. Mamma called me ‘my little bird.’ Singing and making sounds soothed me and I felt better when I sang to the horses or the trees and plants. At about age 15 Daddy said I could study singing. After a few years, a few teachers and singing with a small troupe who traveled around the state on weekends, I auditioned for the Adelaide University Conservatorium of Music and was accepted. During that time I was also studying at a teacher’s college. Doing both was challenging but exciting. My travels continued for many years. When I was traveling and funds were running low I could return to teaching because there were always openings for teachers. Working with children was always such a gift and I loved it. Someone suggested that I audition for the Adelaide Festival Trusts’ Gilbert and Sullivan season and I was accepted. This began several fun and rewarding years of singing with them in the 2,000 seat capacity Adelaide Festival Theater. Later the South Australian Opera asked me to sing several seasons with them and I sang a few operas with the Australian Opera. Singing has always been a way to return me to balance.  Here is a picture of what I saw from the stage when I sang at the Adelaide Festival theatre.  Sometimes I’d stand on the stage before anyone arrived and just bathe in the energy, I loved the whole experience of performing. Even though I always had stage fright.


One day when I wasn’t feeling well, I just began making sounds into the parts of me that were ailing. Soon they felt better and I asked my guidance why and how this worked. They led me to the techniques and teachings in what I later called Lemurian Sound Healing. This is an easy and fun to use technique which works well for singers and non-singers alike. See our course Lemurian Sound Healing.


My first husband was a Theosophist and recognized my ability as a medium. He’d ask people to our home to listen to a channeling or to get advice. After my daughter Anastasia was born, I decided that I didn’t want to work outside the home anymore and began to ask for a donation when people came to see me. I asked for inner guidance on how this ‘medium-ship thing’ worked and how I could help others discover how to do it as well. Soon I began to lead workshops and seminars, to guide people into this very natural ability. See my course Opening Our Intuitive Abilities and Becoming a Medium.


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Here is Tasia (Anastasia) and me on the left with some friends at a house I shared with other Osho sannyasins in Adelaide where we stayed after returning to Australia. The relationship with my first husband had been shaky for sometime. After traveling to the US to spend time with the eastern Master Osho and spending a few months in Mount Shasta I separated from him and returned to Australia.  A workshop promoter approached me and organized an ongoing circuit of readings and workshops throughout Australia.

I had met Bob (a movie producer) in the US and when he traveled to Sydney while he was producing the movie ‘Runaway Train,’ I was there leading workshops.    We met again and he asked me to come back to the US with him.


In a few months Tasia and I returned to California and we were married in 1984. Here is a photo taken right after our wedding and one  of Bob when he was working with Arnold Shwartzenegger.

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Living near the beach in Venice, California I had a powerful experience of chasing some very well dressed robbers out of our home one night when Bob was in NY.  The police said that they were probably looking for jewels. Maybe it was because Tasia was sleeping in the other room, but when I was startled by their presence I instinctively let out a startling sound which came up from inside me.  I had never done that before but the sound had such impact, that the robbers just ran outside without taking a thing and we were safe. Scan 27Above Tasia in a costume she safety pinned together. Mostly we spent our days on the boardwalk and beach. Being very gregarious, Tasia enjoyed riding her trike on the Venice boardwalk and chatting with all of the people. She also loved to ‘dress-up.’

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Here Bob, Tasia and I are going to a movie opening.  After the opening of the movie ‘Runaway Train’, we decided to move to NY where we purchased a 50 acre mountain property near New York City.  We loved the land so much that we never entered the house before we bought it. Here I saw clients and gave workshops. After a short while I was asked to lead workshops at Horton Hospital, in many chiropractor offices, New Age Centers, New Age Book Stores, Libraries, Women’s Conferences, other conferences and in private residences. The local Times Herald Record ran several articles about my work with Australian Aboriginal Elders and Feng Shui.

During my childhood there had been several health challenges to deal with and I was constantly on medication. Our parents didn’t run us to the doctor as soon as we had symptoms, but instead they waited to see what was happening and fixed what they could with ‘home remedies’. I decided early in my adult life to search out and use alternative medicine and practitioners like homeopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, energy workers and herbalists. In my forties I began to get seriously ill and could hardly walk the fifty yards or so to my office.  I had purchased a book that  actually fell of the shelf when I was in the bookstore. It was written by a Qi Gong Master, Master Hong Liu in California. I knew that I needed to travel to see him even though I could hardly walk from the car to the plane. He used his powerful healing abilities to re-balance my energy, gave me Chinese Herbs and prescribed Qi Gong to do for about three hours a day. After 18 month of doing exactly what he said and using my own healing techniques, I was completely healed. He also helped me to heal Lyme twice and rampant MRSA. I  became a student of his for seventeen years and taught Qi Gong for over fifteen years. See our course  Healix Qi Gong.

Scan 3Above is an Australian Aboriginal Elder Speaking with me in the Western Desert.

Sun Bear,the Native American healer and teacher often came to stay with us and shared his teachings and his great sense of humor with everyone including the animals. My husband Bob during this time began a life long connection to Native American teachings. We also hosted and studied with Grandfather Albert, a Mi’kmaq Elder. In 1991 I was summoned psychically to Australia by Aboriginal Elders to make the documentary ‘Women of the Earth.’ During the filming in the desert I went through psychic tests and received many transmissions from Medicine Elders like the one above. He just appeared in his Toyota in a cloud of desert dust, walked over to me and  began speaking with me. Then he suddenly turned and disappeared into the dust again. That night there were some very powerful psychic tests, for me. These lasted most of the night. See the marketplace for more info about  ‘Women of the Earth.’


In 1996 I established the International School of Energy Healing to help students find greater peace, harmony and well-being and to encourage the re-awakening of the healer and the connection to their own inner guidance. This later became the Healix Institute, named after a powerful technique that was channeled by me in a class.  The school runs classes in NY and in CA, as well as being available online where I as well as Graduates of the Healix Institute and others, guide students as they explore the many offerings of the school:  Qi Gong, Energy Healing, Energy Feng Shui, Re-birthing, Healix Meditation, Past Life Regression, Lemurian Sound Healing , Healix Emotional Freedom Technique, Healix Simple meditation, Returning to the Earth and much more.  But most importantly we are guiding our students back to their source of oneness within, where they find their own inner guidance and the inner healer. See our Mission Statement. Our inner guidance – yours and mine – has the power, sometimes with a little help, to heal everything, emotional and physical. See the course Healix Energy Healing Levels 1-4.

You might think that this is an unusual story and that because I have lived the life I’ve lived that I am special in some way. We all live the life that creates the amazing being we are. Some are complex, some are simple, but all are the perfect recipe to make our uniqueness. No one is more special, we are all exactly as we need to be in our ‘tuning’ process and in the ‘tuning’ process of the Universe. Each one of us is a part of the universal oneness, expressed in the ‘tuning’, of life we live. In other words you can do anything that I can do, it’ll just take time to remember how to connect with who yo are.

Fiona lives in Ojai, California with her wonderful husband, her animals, her gardens and enjoys chatting on skype with her amazing daughter Anastasia who travels and teaches yoga. The picture below is of Anastasia/Tasia.