Fiona Whitmore


Fiona Whitmore has dedicated her life to finding the joy and well-being within and helping others to do the same.

She has found many tools that enable her to do this:  singing, sounding, communicating with animals and nature, being with loved ones, meditation, dancing and many useful spiritual techniques. This is especially powerful because for almost twenty years she suffered from severe depression which she healed with her techniques, meditation and Qi Gong.

In the seventies she sang with the Australian and South Australian Operas as well as the Adelaide Festival Trust. Over the years she developed a technique called The Lemurian Sound Healing Technique to help students open their voices and access the oneness within. After college Fiona traveled extensively and studied with many teachers all over the world for many years.

For over forty years she has taught seminars and workshops in hospitals, retreats and in Holistic and New Age centers. She has mentored thousands of individuals in the US and Australia. During the seventies and early eighties she was a well know medium and psychic consultant in Australia and New York. For more information see Fiona’s Story.