Documentary ‘Women of the Earth’

During the nineties Fiona co-produced a documentary, ‘Women of the Earth.’ She was psychically called back to Australia to make this film. She already knew that the Aboriginal Elders hold some of the most profound teachings and knowledge in the world today and she was driven to film their life. During the filming the producers found out that Aboriginal Elders on the West coast needed the footage to help them win their legal battles to secure their land rights. They were given the footage to take to court with them and they did win back their land. The production team all lived in the desert and on Elcho Island with Elders who shared their wisdom with us.

Scan 3Scan 1Diana James (in the photo on the left with Fiona) helped to translate and explain the culture. She is an Anthropologist who has been working with Aboriginal women for over thirty years. The Elder in the photo on the right with Fiona was an Elder in the Western Desert. He arrived in the middle of the desert as they landed their small plane. He walked straight over and spoke to Fiona while the plane refueled. He just as suddenly turned and jumped into his Toyota cruiser and disappeared in a cloud of dust. That night Fiona was tested with powerful dreams and psychic experiences. It was a test to see if she was genuine. The rest of the Elders probably would not have spoken with them if they hadn’t passed these tests he gave to Fiona and one other women that night.

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On the right, the director films Djaqmin an Elder in Elcho Island, telling her story.

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On the right, women all tell their Dreamtime story. No one is more important, so they all tell it at the same time. Men and women are equal and have roles in the Law of the Land. The woman in the foreground is the Law Keeper of the land in this area. You can purchase the video,

“Women of the Earth” soon to be available for $29.95 in our marketplace.